Due to inconvenient circumstances regarding moving, I’ve found myself unable to care for her. She is a great dog, she’s sweet, Smart, And very active. She enjoys walks and during summer she enjoys her kiddie pool. She requires patience on walks however, but a few stops in between to correct her behavior usually does the trick, She enjoys belly rubs and will definitely learn tricks if some treats are involved, She has Updated vaccine. she gets along well with other large dogs, some small dogs. She does well around people and children. However she does not get along well with cats. She has the tendency to dig when stressed or bored, which is why play time, walks, and runs are needed for her.

Email: jocelyn165alberto@gmail.com
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Owner unfortunately cannot take care of the dog due to medical conditions and is looking for loving owners for a female husky. She is high energy and needs space to roam and a loving owner who has experience with large dog breeds. She is spayed and healthy – 55lbs, has 1 year vaccines.

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