Violet is the sweetest, most loyal 11 year old sidekick you could ask for. Having been my grandma’s dog up until two years ago, she thrives with constant company. She loves sunning herself when the weather allows, lounging and watching TV by your side, meeting new people, belly rubs, running errands with you, and anything chicken-flavored. Never being left alone most of her life, she does suffer from separation anxiety. She is not destructive, does not ruin things or urinate in the house, but she barks when left at home, even in the company of another dog. We’ve consulted multiple vets and behaviorists for her but have been repeatedly told that because of her age, we are very limited in our training options and sadly our neighbors are less than understanding. She really is an angel at home as long as somebody is there and she’s great for our sitter and friends who watch her. Vi gets along well with cats and other dogs. She is spayed, has no other health conditions, and goes to her checkups very regularly. Violet is an energetic, spunky, happy pup as long as she has a human to share the love with.

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