Hi! This is Sherlock 🙂 He is an Australian cattle dog mixed with Husky, German Shepherd, and Chihuahua, so you can tell he can be a handful. He sheds a lot & he can be very vocal, but he’s a lovely addition.

He’s almost a year and a half old, but he has the energy of a newborn! He’s very high activity due to his main breed and requires a lot of attention and energy. He’s used to living in an apartment, but ideally a place with a yard or at least having a dog park nearby would be the best for him.

He’s been the only dog in our household so I don’t know how he would be in a household with another dog, but here’s what I do know. He doesn’t resource guard with humans, you can pet him or take his food and he won’t bite you but he might be vocal about this LOL. He does resource guard with other dogs, but I’m confident that he can be trained not to. He’s very playful & because he’s still young he can be nippy, so I wouldn’t recommend bringing him into a household with very young children or people who can’t be patient with him. He is a dog bed chewer, but I’m working on that with him.

I would definitely prefer if someone who’s more experienced with dogs takes him in because of his breed. It can be overwhelming for someone who doesn’t know how to handle it. Please be patient with him.

He is not crate trained, but he doesn’t mind muzzles. He doesn’t prefer them, but then again what dog does? We use fabric muzzles for him, so I don’t know how he would react to a plastic one. He knows how to sit, jump (up), give his paw, and I’m working on getting him to lay down.

He loves treats, chicken is his absolute favorite flavor. He loves turkey tendons, yak bones, freeze dried chicken, and Greenies.

He’s my very special boy but unfortunately I can’t keep him as I am moving soon and my family doesn’t help me with him at all so I can’t leave him with them. I love him so much, he’s truly made my life so much better and I want him to find a home that can give him what I can’t. Please give him a loving home <3

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