Sido Celebrates 44 Years

In 1979, the SF SPCA saved a dog named Sido from death by successfully passing legislation that barred animal guardians from stipulating in their wills to euthanize their pets after the guardian died. 44 years later, the SF SPCA’s groundbreaking program, named after Sido the dog, has likely saved many more lives.

The Sido program allows guardians to make arrangements if their pets outlive them or if they are no longer be able to care for them. When Sido members sign up for the program, they submit paperwork describing their pets’ medical needs, favorite foods, and toys. They also commit to an annual donation to the SF SPCA and a gift from their estate.

The SF SPCA assures Sido members that if their pets outlive them, the animals will be taken into our shelter and quickly transitioned to loving adoptive homes – just like Sido, who was adopted by our then executive director.

For more information, please contact the Development Team at or by phone 415-554-3029.

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