SF SPCA Alumni Profile: Selena

Selena barely weighed a pound when she arrived at our shelter with a fractured leg and injured front paw. Because of the difficulty with anesthetizing a kitten of her size, our Shelter Medicine team tried to manage her injury with pain medications and antibiotics to give her time to grow into a more stable surgery candidate. It soon became clear that an infection might develop and, despite the risks, an emergency amputation would be safest option.⠀

Fortunately, Selena handled the surgery like a champ! She was still so tiny after the surgery that we sent her to a foster home so she could recover outside of the shelter environment.⠀

Selena’s foster mom, Ali, had been part of our Shelter Medicine volunteer team before Covid-19 forced us to pause most volunteer activities. Ali had experience helping animals who were ill and needed medication, so she seemed like the ideal person to help Selena recover. Little did we know what a perfect match it would be.⠀

“We were thrilled to help Selena! She was so affectionate and playful even though she was very tiny and recovering from a major surgery. We weighed her daily to make sure she was putting on weight and thriving. She completely stole our hearts – and we decided to adopt her! Some might call it a foster fail, but we like to call it a foster success.

Selena is doing great and having three legs doesn’t slow her down. She loves eating, playing, cuddling with mom and dad, taking cat naps, and exploring her new home! She filled a place in our hearts that we didn’t know was empty.”⠀

Sweet little Selena touched so many hearts at the SF SPCA. Sometimes it really does take a village to get animals into their forever homes. We know Selena is in great hands with Ali and Joe, and we couldn’t be happier about the new addition to their family!

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