SF SPCA Alumni Profile: Drake

When Drake came to us, his beautiful white fur was matted and he had lesions on both ears and above his eyes. A biopsy showed that Drake had carcinoma, a type of cancer, and so both ears and a small bit of his forehead needed to be removed to save his life.

After his surgery at the SF SPCA, Drake was cared for by our wonderful Shelter Medicine staff and a cadre of compassionate volunteers.

Two months later, Drake was adopted and we thought we had probably seen the last of him. But within a week, one of the cat volunteers who had cared for Drake during his recovery went to a friend’s home for dinner and lo and behold, there he was! Except now his name was Burt Reynolds. Since that time we’ve received many updates on this sweet white kitty with the golden eyes, who now shares his home with a handsome feline brother, Crockett. His adopters love him beyond measure and say that not only does Burt Reynolds talk all the time, he is quite a loud snorer, too.

Burt is just one of many rags-to-riches stories at the SF SPCA. It always makes our hearts sing when an animal who has a poor medical prognosis is able to recover and then thrive in a loving new home.

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