Happy Tails: Sweet Pea

“Sweet Pea is the heartbeat by my side. She calms me when I’m having panic attacks, and wakes me up from PTSD induced dreams. She walks ahead of me, so I won’t be surprised by anything around the corner.

On the days when I can’t leave bed, she is a loyal pillow and designated tear licker. She helps me feel unconditionally loved and needed when I feel isolated, lost, unwanted, and lonely. Like the world wouldn’t skip a beat if I were to leave.

On the days where I can open the front door, and feel like I can conquer the world, she’s my biggest hype lady. Her happy feet go tippy tappy and it makes me feel proud of myself.

She is my angel and I don’t know what I did to deserve her. Truly the love of my life, and my saving grace.

Thank you to whoever is watching over me and let me wander into the San Francisco SPCA on that very day.” – Kerry

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