February is Dog Training Education Month

We are huge advocates for human and dog education – and we have suggestions for where you can learn

There’s a wealth of information out there about behavior and training, but it’s important to learn from trusted sources. Below are our suggestions for online and in-person education.

We always encourage dog guardians to seek out positive reinforcement materials and trainers. Dogs, like people, respond better to positive techniques and tools. Pain is not needed to teach your dog to become a more enjoyable and better behaved companion.


Two of the websites we recommend are The Association of Professional Dog Trainers and E-Training for Dogs. Both sites offer webinars and training materials.


PrimePaw is now offering training classes at our Mission Campus! They’re currently offering classes for puppies and will continue to expand their schedule in the coming months.

Behavior Specialty Clinic

Not all problems can be solved with training alone. If you need more support, consider scheduling a consultation at our Behavior Specialty Clinic. A behavior consultation with a board certified veterinary behaviorist (a specialty just like dermatology or oncology) is the absolute top tier of help you can seek for your pet’s behavior problems. Backed by experience, science and the highest professional standards, we can address any behavior question or problem. Learn more at sfspca.org/behavior


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