Bosco’s Long Journey Home

Bosco was an anxious boy when he arrived at our shelter in October 2018. He came to us with a low grade mast cell tumor, a common type of skin tumor in dogs, on the side of his body. The first stop on his long journey was our hospital, where our vets surgically removed the entire tumor. Bosco was quickly on his way to a full physical recovery!

As Bosco’s physical health was improving, we started to address his emotional wellbeing. We knew Bosco as a true gentleman, but he was still very nervous in the shelter environment. Staff and volunteers spent countless hours socializing, playing, training, and showering him with love. He needed time to adjust and we had patience to spare.

By December, we were seeing major improvements – Bosco was confident enough to exit his room on his own and hang out in staff offices! He even enjoyed having doggy roommates. But whenever he was by himself, Bosco was still a sad boy. That’s when foster volunteer Emily came to the rescue.

In early January, three months after he arrived at the shelter, Bosco went to live with Emily. A week later he was thriving! Outside of the shelter environment he was blossoming before our very eyes. Bosco’s luck was about to truly turn around, because Emily knew he’d be the perfect match for one of her friends. She was right, and Bosco is now living the good life in the South!

Here’s an update from his family:

“Bosco’s nickname is Meatball, Golden Meatball to be exact. He is now living in Atlanta with a big new house and two – yes, two – fenced in yards!!!! He has also decided to pay it forward, and he’s now a foster brother to a pup named Otto.”

Sometimes animals like Bosco might stay in our shelter for several months, but we don’t give up on them no matter how long it takes. We’re so thankful our incredible community shares the same feeling. Please consider making a gift so we can continue helping animals like Bosco. Donate today!

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