As a top-secret operative for the Feline Intelligence Agency (FIA), Agent Pilar specializes in stealthy snuggles and undercover purring. This shy black and white cat may appear mysterious at first glance, but don’t let her low profile fool you. She’s a master of espionage, capable of sneaking past laser pointers and infiltrating cardboard box forts with ease. Agent Pilar has just arrived at our secret base (disguised as an ordinary adoption center), and she’s on the lookout for a trusted partner-in-crime. That’s where you come in! Should you be granted security clearance to adopt this covert cuddler, you’ll be rewarded with top-secret headbutts, classified lap naps, and confidential kisses.

Pia, a glamorous black cat with the voice of an angel (and the sass of a superstar), is taking center stage at our adoption center and is adjusting to her new surroundings. Although currently a bit shy and finding solace behind the curtains, Pia is a star waiting for her moment to shine. Known for her purrfect pitch and stunning vocal range, Pia can hit high notes that’ll make your whiskers quiver and your tail sway to the rhythm. This fabulous feline songstress is an expert in all genres-whether it’s opera (Meow-zart), rock (Cat Jovi), or pop (Caty Purry), Pia’s got it covered! And let’s not forget her iconic rendition of “Purrple Rain” that left the audience spellbound. As she gains confidence and steps into the limelight, she’s not just here for the standing ovations-she’s looking for a forever home where she can serenade her favorite human with love songs and snuggly duets. In the company of a patient and loving companion, Pia’s true star power is sure to dazzle and delight.

Handsome Bronson is a friendly and outgoing dog that is waiting eagerly for a new family to introduce him to home life here in the city.

Sweet Shelby is gaining so much confidence now! At first she was shy with all the new sounds and things, but she is making great progress. She will zoomy around the play yard and show her goofy side. At times strange and loud noises make her a little nervous, but she responds very well when we are gently cheering her on and hanging out in peaceful areas. She will do best in quieter areas where she can relax and be herself. Come meet her!

Tux is a big ol’ goofball with loves of love to give. He is such a joy to hang out with and he loves going to the play yard and romping around with all his toys around. He will do best in a home without small children, so that his space is respected when he does not want it. He is learning to much with his treat training, and already knows lots of trained behaviors!

Life is a party for this youngster. Augie loves to run and play, chase, and roll around with his friends. Still a pup he will benefit from a training class to learn good canine citizenship.

I’m a curious pup who is ready to explore what the world has to offer. I might chew or eat weird things as I learn what to do instead, so I’ll be counting on you to teach me through patience and puppy love. I’m looking for adopters who will commit to continuing my puppy education and socialization. I can’t wait to meet you!

Raven is such rad dude. This handsome lab is always excited to go outside and play. He has shown to be good at walking and is very smart. He will need to find his forever home in an adult only house, where people can respect his space while he continues to learn and grow. He is still at a great age for learning and responds best to treat based training. He already knows sit and is ready to thrive and be a goof in his forever home.

Playful and athletic, young Noreen is looking to join an active family that will include her in lots of fun hiking and trips to local parks and beaches. She is social with dogs and people.

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