Well hello there, lovely humans! My name is Toulouse, and I’m here with my best friend Louis. We may not share the same blood, but we have a bond that’s as strong as any biological siblings out there. And can we just take a moment to appreciate my striking white coat? I like to think it’s my secret weapon for winning hearts. But enough about me – what we really want is to find a forever home with a loving family who will cherish us for the special pair that we are. We’re still adjusting to our new surroundings and can be a little shy at first, but with patience and understanding, we’ll soon come out of our shells and show you just how affectionate we can be.

Hi there! My name is Louis, and I’m excited to introduce myself and my best friend Toulouse. We’re a pair that comes as a package deal, and we’re hoping to find our forever home soon. We’re currently feeling a bit shy as we adjust to our new surroundings, but with a little bit of patience and love, we’ll be ready to show you just how affectionate we can be. While I may be a one-eyed, 4-year-old tabby, I promise that my missing eye doesn’t slow me down at all! I still love to play and cuddle just like any other feline out there. And with Toulouse by my side, we make the perfect duo. We have a special bond that we can’t wait to share with our new family.

Christine is as sweet as they come! At the moment, she is unsure of the shelter environment and is recovering from hip surgery, so we are taking things nice and slowly together in quiet areas around here. Volunteers let Christine take all the time she needs when they go to our indoor dog areas where she loves staying close to her person. Christine is looking for an adopter who can help her feel safe and continue her physical therapy in the home while she heals. We’ll share everything you need to know! Come meet darling Christine.

Lick warning! Ludwig is a kisser!! Silly and affectionate he has a hearing deficit so will need to be kept on leash when not in a securely fenced area, or inside. Ludwig is friendly to dogs and people alike.

Slomo is no slow poke at all. In fact he will quickly find his way to your heart. This super friendly and energetic boy loves company and exploring the world. He loves to go on adventures and doing awesome treat based training. He has already learned sit super fast. Not a slow learner at all! Come meet this cool canine!

Ross is a classic all-American boy. He is strong, sturdy, and people-oriented. When we think of a dog, Ross’ friendly and energetic image is what we think of. He is excited to see his humans and has an insatiable curiosity for the world. Ross is truly “man’s best friend.”

A soccer legend in our midst, this dapper gentleman is Messi! Messi is as agile with a tennis ball as his namesake is with a soccer ball – wowing crowds in the shelter and maybe you too. Although he can be wary of the spotlight, Messi prefers to strut his stuff for his small circle of friends. He’d love to be in a quiet, low dog traffic area, as he is still adjusting the volume of the San Francisco streets. While he would be a great member of your team, Messi isn’t interested in meeting other dogs: no intramural sports for him. If you are interested in having a fantastic #10 on your team, come learn more about this fleet footed fellow.

Marshmallow is a funny, squishy faced fella. This goof loves to go outside and show us his coolest toys. He loves to play fetch and just be outside in the yard like a cool guy. He will do best in a quieter, low traffic area where he can focus on hanging out with you. The volunteers really enjoy taking him out each day and letting him be himself outside!

**Special offer for a special dog! Marshmallow has been at the shelter for several months and it’s time to find their forever home. Do you think Marshmallow might be your one and only, but need to make sure it’s a good fit first? You can foster Marshmallow to find out! If you’d like to do a week-long foster trial period with Marshmallow, with the end goal of adopting them, please come check them out!

Corinne is an eager and beautiful girl, who is really showing her friendly and eager personality with the staff and volunteers. She can get a little overexcited when she sees dogs, but she is super social with people and is always ready to hang out or go out and about. She has been doing so well learning her basics like sit as she is very treat motivated and trainable. She will brighten anyone’s day!

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