My Story

Leo is a 1 1/2 year old deerhead Chihuahua mix. He loves chill walks, cuddling under the covers, sweet potato and cucumber, and playing tug of war. He is a super affectionate cuddle bug, and very emotionally attuned. Loves loves loves children.

Came from a chaotic family home where he was emotionally neglected and spent a lot of time alone. Has separation anxiety as a result, he’s a good candidate for crate training. Leo has some anxiety, which we have had success in helping with.

Slightly under socialized with other dogs but has shown huge improvements while being fostered! No aggression. Gets a little overwhelmed at dog parks but they’re growing on him. Mostly housetrained but sometimes uses the pee pad overnight/early AM.

Leo would be a great addition to a family with kids, or a couple who want a loving little third wheel.

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Email: edenspatz@gmail.com
Phone: (510) 698-1362

Facts About Me
Age 1 y
Gender Male
Breed Chihuahua mix
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