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To be totally honest we’re rehoming Xochi for the unfortunate reason that she now comes from a broken home. Me and my partner broke up, and neither of us individually has time to care for her. She is a dog that needs a lot of exercise and play time, so either someone with a big back yard, in the country, or with kids that can play around with her all day. She has been a great dog and we really loved her, but we just cant keep her anymore. She’s super cute. Loves to cuddle. Loves fetch. Dances and wags her butt every time you come home, she loves to love her owners. She does have a bit of anxiety outside, and that is something that I would reccomend finding a trainer to help with, and Im sure it can be trained out easily with consistency and care. Overall she’s a really great dog, and its sad that we have to give her up, but Im posting here because we want her to find a good home where she’ll be treated well. If you’re looking for a dog who loves to run and play and cuddle on the couch, you couldnt find a better one than Xochi.

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Email: isorabins@gmail.com
Phone: (617) 894-0597

Facts About Me
Age 1 y
Gender Female
Breed Small mix breed.
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