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Esperanza is an 8 year old miniature schnauzer and terrier mix with a big big spirit. Originally a street dog in Quito Ecuador, Esperanza travelled to the US with her current owner after charming her right from the streets of Centro Historic. Weighting in at 18lbs, Esperanza is a small dog who thinks she could take on a cow if anyone would let her. She loves to run, chase, bark, and sleep. Esperanza is dynamic – from long hikes and full day adventures to depressive episodes where you might stay int he house for a week, Es can get down with pretty much any situation as long as she has a walk, some food, and lots of pets and snuggles. She dislikes new people who violate her boundaries too fast (like trying to pick her up too soon or bending down over her to touch her when just meeting) and she absolutely hates skateboards and will bark at them as they ride by on the street. Es is great with people who understands dogs and gives them time to warm up, knows how to act as a pack leader, and kids who treat her gently. She can be very defensive of her owner and has been a great companion for safety to a solo woman in her 20s for many years. She did suffer a two months of having mild seizures but those stopped after 3 months of regular cbd treats.

Ideal home: a family with older kids and a yard or really anyone who has a yard that she can play and be free in. Anyone who has experience with dogs and wouldn’t be intimidated handling a walking situation where Esperanza may bark at other dogs, skateboarders, and squirrels.

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Facts About Me
Age 8 y
Gender Female
Breed Miniature Schnauzer & Terrier Mix
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