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Ava was a severely mistreated and abused dog that was left in an abandoned home to die. She was rescued and adopted by myself two years ago. Ava is happiest on my lap on the couch cuddling and loves to run around and play. However, Ava has very serious dog reactivity and I do not have the time to commit the training needed to manage her needs. I live on a very busy street in San Francisco filled with dogs, and she gets vocal with dogs at about 20ft. I can’t provide the space she needs to thrive. She would do best in a home with a fenced in backyard or with someone experienced in dealing with dogs with dog reactivity and has the experience to manage her when she is set off by another dog. Ava in the apartment is the perfect dog! She only barks if someone new enters the building, but otherwise is not a big barker. She does not chew on furniture or counter surf. She LOVES to cuddle with people. When meeting someone new inside the home she needs a minute to sniff them out, but after being given her time she quickly comes around and makes that person her new best friend.

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Email: caitlin.bicknell@gmail.com
Phone: (415) 717-8788

Facts About Me
Age 5 y
Gender Female
Breed Germen Shepard/ Staffy Mix
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