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Kiwi is looking for her forever home. She is approximately 2 years old and weighs 7.5 pounds. She was rescued from our backyard where she wandered into a few months ago and we have been fostering her indoors for 2 months now. She’s great indoors and would like to be an indoor only kitty.

She is looking for a forever family that understands the importance for a young cat to have interactive playtime on a regular basis to burn off all that young energy. Kiwi needs/loves to play two or three (or more!) times a day with you controlling the mice/bird wand toy as she chases, jumps and catches her prey THEN eats a real meal afterwards (hunt, eat, groom, sleep routine). She self plays and loves kicker toys and chasing after ping pong balls.

She would be best suited for a house with no other pets so she can be the star! She loves being around people and will just hang out in whatever room you’re in. Kiwi will snuggle up to you at night for bedtime but she also enjoys her own soft, comfy bed as long as it’s close by you. She is the sweetest! She is litter trained. She had a recent health check up and came out with no problems and is scheduled for all her yearly shots in June (which will be covered by us if she is adopted out before the appointment date). Like most other cats, she will be scared and hide for the first few days in her new home but will come out of her shell with lots of play, treats and love.

If you have any more questions about her, her personality or would like to see her please reach out.

Dave and Theo

Contact Theo
Email: tounkeo@gmail.com
Phone: (415) 572-8428

Facts About Me
Age 2 y
Gender Female
Breed Domestic
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