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Half of a bonded pair, 3 yr old Ramona (Mona) is goofy, outgoing, and curious! Mona has a lot of energy and loves to climb, so would be best in a space that can accommodate cat trees and space to play and get that energy out. She is very brave and good on a leash (& a shoulder!) for outdoor walks. Her littermate Memow is incredibly tolerant and has the personality of an older cat, while Mona can act a bit more kitten-ish. These two littermates cannot tolerate being separated. They’ve been together since birth and are bonded. They are not vocal at all, and very well behaved. They are both cuddly and playful, but can entertain themselves, especially with the plethora of accessories they have: cat trees, litter boxes, lots of toys, beds, bowls, scratchers, automatic feeder, water fountain, etc.

They would be great for a home with respectful children or other cats, and we hope to find the forever home that will love them as much as we do.. additionally, as it is a housing concern, we would do everything to make the fostering and rehoming process go smoothly.

Note: Mona is a neutered male, but we didn’t know that when she was a kitten, so Mona is Mona and she knows it ;D

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Phone: (707) 484-4010

Facts About Me
Age 3 y
Gender Male
Breed shorthair
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