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Paco is a dream of a dog – loving, a good listener, all his training basics down (three weeks of board and train). We adopted him from a rescue in Mexico, where he would have had a pretty miserable, short life. He is a gem of a dog, who loves Luna, our cattle dog, and does really well with our twin, 12 year old boys. Everyone who gets to know him adores him! However, he has some mild aggression issues that require an experienced owner’s oversight. He has NEVER BITTEN, but has some resource guarding with high value bones, protective responses with the occasional visitor to our house, and can be reactive with some dogs in stressful contexts. He LOVES to chew things and we think he may have a protein allergy, so he gets special dog food. He would benefit from living with a family with a yard where he can roam around and chew sticks and not have the stress of a front door to montior. All his behaviors are manageable with the right living situation/informed and experienced owner, but… I have been diagnosed with Lyme disease, which makes it very hard for me to give Paco the attention he needs and … we live in a house with no yard. I am FULLY COMMITTED to finding him a home where he will be loved as much as we love him – ideally with an owner familiar with staffordshires who loves and knows how to care for this breed. We are not willing to drop him off at the SPCA for adoption. We want to do a search while he is with us and ensure he finds his best, forever home.

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Facts About Me
Age 1 y
Gender Male
Breed Staffordshire/White Shepherd Mix
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