My Story

Burden takes a while to warm up, making cute strategic passes to keep an eye on things, until eventually, she becomes even more of a cuddler than Sisyphus. She will never leave your lap once she finds out you have a petting hand and aren’t afraid to use it.

She has a pair named Sisyphus. They’re great cats, and a perfect pair.

They’re already used to a Litter Robot and love those cardboard modkat scratchers (both of which can be yours if you want them, along with toys, food, etc), and of course, they’re chipped, spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations and flea medication, and have no known health issues. It’s sad, but since moving to San Jose for work and having twins during the pandemic, we just don’t have the space and time and energy that these cats deserve. As sad as it is for me to post this, I’m really hoping to find a fantastic home for them. Contact me if you or your friends would like to know them better!

Contact Tom
Phone: (614) 602-4817

Facts About Me
Age 3 y
Gender Female
Breed shorthair
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