Ziggy Stardust

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About Ziggy:
She is a 6 year old, spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated, 50 lb German shepherd in perfect health. She is well trained, though she can definitely use more behavioral training. She is very playful and just the sweetest, silliest little thing. She is very gentle, EXTREMELY friendly, and loves plush squeaky toys and tennis balls. Seriously, she’s the friendliest dog you will ever meet. She never barks, though she loves to chat, and she absolutely LOVES water and loves to swim. She has fear based aggression with other dogs, though she does get along with puppies and very mild mannered dogs. I sincerely believe that she can get passed this fear with proper behavioral training. She is the best little companion anyone could ask for.

Her ideal home:
Ziggy needs to live in a house, with big windows she can look through, and a big yard she can run in. Until she gets better behavioral training, it would be better that she is the only pet in the house, though she’s totally fine with cats. She’s not bad with kids, she just prefers older kids who understand boundaries. She is an active pup with lots of energy, so her ideal person or people should live an active lifestyle. Also, she’s a working dog, so her people need to be able to give her tasks.

Contact Kc
Email: kc.von.b@gmail.com
Phone: (916) 294-5272

Facts About Me
Age 6 y
Gender Female
Breed German Shepherd
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