My Story

Highly energetic and friendly Ella needs lots of play time! Super sweet and goofy, but not a beginner dog.

Her favorite activities are:
– running
– tug games
– chewing heavy duty rubber toys
– napping with her people

She wants to be involved in whatever you’re doing and hates being left out. If you let her initiate, she’s very cuddly and will climb on your lap despite being a bit too big.

Highly food motivated, Ella picks up new tricks quickly, but is strong-willed and easily distracted so she needs lots of consistent positive reinforcement to maintain behavioral changes. She has many opinions and she WILL let you know about them.

Ella plays well with other dogs and is good at de-escalating potential conflicts. Preferring to be within eyesight of her humans she loves to run and explore but won’t go too far.

She’s a joy to have around, but because of (human) health issues we are no longer able to give her the physical activity and attention she needs to be her best self.

Contact Lavinia
Email: laviniaclare@gmail.com
Phone: (510) 932-1914

Facts About Me
Age 8 y
Gender Female
Breed Pit/lab mix
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