My Story

I adopted Kuro (and his bounded-brother Kai) from the SPCA back in Aug 2020. Since then they’ve become my great companions. Kuro is the more tame / chill / skittish of the two brothers. He likes the household to be peaceful and laid back. While he takes a bit more to warm up to you, once he does Kuro will follow you around like a dog and always make sure he knows where you are. Kuro becomes very loving and just wants to be pet all day.

Something to note about Kuro is that he doesn’t love small children (< 12). He had a bad experience with my young nephews and now refusing to be around kids. When forced he will (currently) unfortunately hiss at them. Contact Eric
Email: ekoslow@gmail.com
Phone: (203) 648-4309

Facts About Me
Age 2 y
Gender Male
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix
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