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My husband and I adopted a Beagle / German Shepherd, Yogi, about four years ago and have come to the incredibly hard decision to look for a new home for him. Yogi is the goofiest, most energetic, and loving dog I’ve ever owned. He loves to cuddle on the couch, chase birds, and sneak any and every treat he can sniff out. We have done individual and group training, and Yogi is very well trained with all his basic commands, recall, and some tricks.

However, Yogi is stressed out by strangers and can be easily overwhelmed by new situations. He needs space and time to introduce himself to new people and dogs, which is really challenging on tight city streets and in dog parks. Yogi has a really hard time with city life and would thrive in an environment where he can spend the majority of his day outside.

We want to make sure that Yogi is in a home where he has the space to be 100% himself and we just don’t feel like we’re that home. We’re dedicated to finding the perfect place for him and plan to keep him until we find it.

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Email: katiewatson.info@gmail.com
Phone: (804) 385-3053

Facts About Me
Age 4 y
Gender Male
Breed Beagle / Shepherd
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