Elle Woods

My Story

Meet Elle Woods from Fresno County, CA. She’s a 5yr old Aquarius non-vegetarian. She’s not the type of gal to pull out the bend and snap on the first meet, but she’s still shooting for an 83% return rate of pulling at your heartstrings. Although she doesn’t quite have the confidence of her namesake, Elle has been learning through slow introductions that people aren’t so scary and even give out tasty treats.

With a patient, loving family by her side, Elle Woods could be at the top of her class at Harvard Paw! Elle must go to a quiet home and neighborhood. Any children in the home should understand how to interact with a shy dog.

Here’s what Volunteer, Gia says about Elle Woods:
“She is such a sweet and gentle dog, I feel like if she finds the right home with a patient person that gives her time to adjust and settle in, she will make a great companion.”

Facts About Me
Age 5 y; 4 m
Weight 77 lbs; 3 oz
Gender Female
Breed Retriever, Golden Retriever, Labrador
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