SPORE Program

Shelters Preventing Outbreaks of Ringworm Through Education

At many shelters, ringworm can be devastating – but does not have to be. With proper protocols, ringworm can be safely treated and cured. At the San Francisco SPCA, we save more than 350 animals with ringworm every year. Wanting to do more, we created the SPORE Program in 2013 to teach others how to better detect, treat, and manage ringworm in their shelter. In collaboration with Maddie’s Fund, we have been able to educate shelter workers from over 42 shelters representing more than 19 states on best practices for treating ringworm in the shelter. 

With the help of the SPORE Program, hundreds of shelter animals with ringworm receive a second chance.


Since 2013, we have trained...


2019 Maddie’s Fund Ringworm Apprenticeship Dates

May 31 – June 2

June 21-23

July 26-28

September 20-22

November 8-10

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