Authorize telemedicine practice for veterinarians – ACTIVE

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AB 1399, will authorize telemedicine practice for veterinarians with a current California license.  The use of veterinary telemedicine will significantly reduce animal suffering, alleviate financial and logistical barriers to veterinary care, improve pet retention, and extend the capacity of animal shelters to serve animals and their communities. This bill is sponsored by five state lawmakers and is strongly supported by the SF SPCA.

California’s animal shelters are experiencing significant stress, due in large part to inadequate access to spay/neuter programs and a crisis-level lack of access to veterinary care that actually is worsening. A recent survey conducted by the SF SPCA found that more than 344,000 California shelter animals do not have adequate access to veterinary care.

Your Help is needed – One Quick Call or Email from You Can Help to Improve Care for California Animals!

AB 1399 passed committee in the California capital and is moving forward in the legislative process.  A significant step forward to reduce animal suffering and help provide access to care in California.  Your support is still needed to get this important bill passed in our state.

Please show your support by emailing or calling your state Assembly member to express your support.  Visit: to find out who represents your Assembly district.

Sample Scripts

Hello, my name is _______________________, and I live in (city, state): _____________. I’m calling you because I’m very concerned about improving the care for animals in California. You are my (Senator/Representative) and I want to know that I can count on you to support AB 1399 because (give brief explanation of why you support/oppose the bill).  Thank you for your time!

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