Community Cat Facts

What is a community cat?

Community cats are unowned, feral, or free-roaming cats who are typically not socialized by positive contact with people at a young age. They are essentially wild animals and, because they do not typically adjust to a life with human companions, they are not appropriate for shelter intake or adoption.

A healthy, altered community-cat colony can benefit a neighborhood by keeping rodent populations in check. Some of these cats have been known to befriend humans in their territory and a small percentage even make the transition to indoor pets.

Why are community cats returned to their neighborhoods after surgery?

Stray and feral cats populate an area when there’s food and shelter to support them. If the cats are removed, other cats will find the vacant space and move in. This is called the vacuum effect. The new cats will have more kittens and repeat the cycle.

With Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR), the original cats are returned to their territory after they’ve been spayed or neutered, so new cats will not move into the area. Altered cats will not continue the cycle because they cannot have kittens.

Where can I find a humane trap?

Trappers can rent or buy a humane trap from us, please email for more information.

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