Adoption Handbook – Puppy

Thinking of adopting a puppy? Read the SF SPCA adoption handbook to learn more.

Learn how to meet the needs of your new four-legged friend to ensure everyone’s safety, health and comfort. This guide will inform you of all the equipment and adjustments to expect with raising a new puppy so that you can enjoy your new life with a loving canine companion. The following topics are covered in the Puppy Adoption Handbook:

Set Up for Success

  • Meeting your puppy’s needs (supplies checklist)
  • Setting up your home
  • For a happy and healthy puppy (mental and physical stimulation)

Arriving Home with Your Puppy

  • The first hour
  • The first day
  • The bedtime routine

House-Training and Crate Training

  • Crate training your puppy (the first day, the next few days, leaving the house)
  • House-training your puppy
  • Four golden rules of house-training

Alone-Time Training

  • Being alone doesn’t come naturally
  • KONG® stuffing pointers

Puppy Socialization

  • Why it’s so important—and urgent
  • A well-socialized puppy
  • What about vaccinations?
  • Tying dogs out
  • Puppy handling
  • Puppy socialization chart

Puppy Training and How to Train

  • Why puppy training?
  • Practice positive reinforcement
  • Why it works so well
  • A word on punishment
  • Unwanted behaviors
  • Dog training principles
  • Lure-reward training
  • Puppy training classes

Common Puppy Problems

  • Troubleshooting puppy problems (play biting/mouthing, chewing, barking, jumping, fearfulness in new environments)

Common Misconceptions

Additional Resources

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