Audiots Emojis kicks off “Audiots: Emojis for Good,” new philanthropic arm of the company

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – August 2, 2016 – Today, 13-year-old tech entrepreneur Mercer Henderson, Founder of Audiots, the sound-based emoji keyboard, announced the availability of SF SPCA Audiots Emojis, a fun, new way to raise awareness for animal welfare by sending emojis with sound through text messaging. A portion of the proceeds made from the in-app purchase of the emojis will be contributed to the SF SPCA.

The SF SPCA Audiots Emojis were designed to include dogs and cats that say funny things and, of course, bark and meow. The in-app purchase is available in the App Store for $1.99 USD for a pack of 18, with more on the way.

“Our mission is to save and protect animals, provide care and treatment, advocate for their welfare and enhance the human-animal bond. When you have a girl like Mercer, who has grown up supporting the SF SPCA, she’s the perfect champion for us,” said Liz Evans, Director of Marketing and Communications at the SF SPCA.  “As an animal advocate herself, Mercer has come up with an innovative way to spread our message and help encourage the next generation of animal welfare advocates. Her vision aligns with our mission and we think it’s awesome that she’s doing this.”

The SF SPCA partnership is the first move Mercer has made to build out, Audiots (Emojis) for Good, the philanthropic sector of Audiots, which currently has several partnerships in the works.

“I’m a big pet lover and actively involved with the SF SPCA,” said Mercer Henderson, Founder of Audiots. “That’s how I had the idea of using the popularity of the Audiots app to help the SF SPCA. I’ve always wanted to start a philanthropic arm to Audiots because I think it’s important to do good and give back, especially to causes that align with my interests and the values of the company.”

Three years ago, Mercer got her first iPhone and, like most early teens, loved using the emoji keyboard to have full-fledged conversations with her friends and family. However, after using the same emojis over and over, they lost some of their appeal so she created Audiots to combine sound and emojis.

In the last year Audiots has partnered with major brands, including HINT Water and General Electric, to help engage with consumers and bring a fun, new way of communicating.

According to Henderson “It’s been an exciting year and I’m excited to say that the SF SPCA is the first of several non-profit partnerships we will be announcing in the next few months.”

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About Audiots

Audiots is an iOS app that mashes together sound and emojis. How it works: Download the app and load the Audiots sound Emoji Keyboard. Pick your emoji with professionally recorded sound bites. The person on the receiving end does not have to have the same keyboard to receive the sound emoji. Audiots was created by full time 7th grader Mercer Henderson, who loves performing with her musical theater companies in San Francisco and New York, speaks Mandarin, considers her little sister her bestie, plays sports and is a top student. The name Audiots comes from combining audio and it.