Sido Pet Protection Program

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The San Francisco SPCA’s Sido Pet Protection Program offers families an innovative way to plan for their pet’s future. When pets outlive their guardians, cats and dogs enrolled in Sido are taken into the SF SPCA Adoption Program. They receive exceptional care and attention while the SF SPCA works to place them in a loving home.

When you enroll your cat(s) and dog(s) in the Sido Pet Protection Program, you’ll have the security of knowing that the SF SPCA will take responsibility for them should they outlive you.

For Sido Program enrollment, please contact our Development Office at (415) 554-3029 or

Make a secure online donation through our Sido Program.

1. Complete the Sido Pet Protection Program Guardian and Sido Cat and/or Dog Information forms for each pet you wish to enroll in the program. The information will help the SF SPCA care for your pet and find its new forever home. The maximum number of pets is six per guardian.

2. Designate a friend, relative or trustee/executor to act as Interim Caretaker who will be responsible for transporting the pet(s) to the SF SPCA.

3. Activate your membership by making your first donation as a member of the Sido Pet Protection Program. The fee is $10 per month per pet or $120 annually per pet. Membership gifts support animals taken in through the Sido Pet Protection Program in our Adoption Center and Shelter Medicine department.

You may make your gift online or include a check payable to SF SPCA with your Forms and mail it to:

San Francisco SPCA
ATTN: Development 
201 Alabama Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

4. Join the Legacy Society by naming the San Francisco SPCA as a beneficiary in your will, trust, IRA, DAF, bank account and/or life insurance policy. Your heartfelt promise will protect and care for cats and dogs. Complete and return the Legacy Society Enrollment Form.

We will confirm your Legacy Society membership and your pet’s Sido Pet Protection Program membership when all forms and gift have been received.

The Sido Pet Protection Program is designed for cases when an enrolled pet outlives its guardian. If the guardian becomes unable to care for the pet, but is still living, the best outcome for the animal is for the guardian to give him or her to a family member or friend who can provide care.

Pets that are surrendered through the Sido Pet Protection Program are voluntarily transferred to the San Francisco SPCA.

The Sido Pet Protection Program is reserved for cats and dogs only.

The maximum number of pets that can be enrolled in and/or surrendered through the Sido Pet Protection Program is six per guardian.

Feral cats are not eligible to be enrolled in the Sido Pet Protection Program, including feral cats living inside a home.

The SF SPCA will not be responsible for transporting any Sido Pet Protection Program pets to the SF SPCA campus.

The SF SPCA will make every effort to adopt pairs of cats/dogs bonded together or separately as requested on the enrollment form.

Adoptees of Sido animals receive two years of complimentary veterinary care.    

The Interim Caretaker will coordinate with a Planned Giving Officer to make an appointment to transport the pet to the SF SPCA.

The Owner‐Guardian Relinquished Animal Form will be sent to the Interim Caretaker and a request for medical records will be sent to the pet’s veterinarian. Interim Caretakers are encouraged to bring the pet’s bedding, favorite toys, and food to the surrender appointment. Familiar items from the pet’s former home eases the pet’s transition to the shelter environment.

Pets will be given medical and behavioral evaluations to determine readiness for adoption.

An Adoption Intake Associate and a Planned Giving Program Officer will attend the surrender appointment.

The SF SPCA, at its sole discretion, will place the animal in the location and program where the animal will receive the best and most appropriate care. Healthy cats and dogs will typically be placed in the Adoption Center once they are deemed ready for adoption. Some pets may be placed with a foster family. Pets with non‐painful life‐limiting conditions may be placed in the Fospice Program, foster hospice for cats and dogs.

The namesake of the Sido Pet Protection Program was a 10-year-old dog whose owner’s will ordered that the dog be euthanized after her owner’s death. The SF SPCA led the charge to save Sido’s life, not only successfully suing to prevent the dog from being euthanized, but also helping to pass legislation making it illegal for a person to order their pet destroyed in their will, which was a landmark decision for animal rights in California.

People from across the country have planned for their pets’ future by enrolling them in the Sido Program.

Read more about Sido’s story in our archived edition of Our Animals magazine from 1980.

A pet trust is a legally enforceable arrangement in California. That sets aside money for the care of your pet and put someone in charge of spending it according to instructions that you provide.

To learn more and obtain a copy of the San Francisco SPCA’s sample Pet Trust, please contact our Development Office at (415) 554-3029 or

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