Born on March 17th, Mr. Mimi might not be Irish, but he’s got the luck of a lepre-cat on his side! He’s on a mission to trade in his pot of gold for a cozy home where he can share his endless wit and charm. He is new to the SF SPCA, and adjusting to his new surroundings, so may appear a bit shy at first. Mr. Mimi is the cat’s meow of comedy, with a personality as vibrant as his birthday. He’s got more punchlines than whiskers, ensuring there’s never a dull moment in his company. When he’s not cracking jokes, he enjoys the occasional cat-nap – after all, laughter is exhausting! If you’re looking to add a pinch of humor and a whole lot of love to your life, look no further than Mr. Mimi, the St. Paddy’s Day feline who’s ready to sham-rock your world!

Hi there! My name is Louis, and I’m excited to introduce myself and my best friend Toulouse. We’re a pair that comes as a package deal, and we’re hoping to find our forever home soon. We’re currently feeling a bit shy as we adjust to our new surroundings, but with a little bit of patience and love, we’ll be ready to show you just how affectionate we can be. While I may be a one-eyed, 4-year-old tabby, I promise that my missing eye doesn’t slow me down at all! I still love to play and cuddle just like any other feline out there. And with Toulouse by my side, we make the perfect duo. We have a special bond that we can’t wait to share with our new family.

I’m a sweet pup who is figuring out what my comfort level is. I will need time and patience from my new family as I get used to being in a home.?While I enjoy?gentle?affection from people I trust, I appreciate a slow introduction to new folks.?Playtime, training, puppy socials, and tender love from you will help me figure out the big, wide world. I’m looking for adopters who will commit to continuing my puppy education and socialization. I can’t wait to meet you!

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Parker is an estimated 1 year old Retriever/Pit Bull mix who arrived to us from San Francisco Animal Care & Control. She is a perky and personable pup who loves to go to our play yard and play with toys to her heart’s content. She is progressing so well with her training to help with her lively personality. Parker is a smart pup as well and already knows cues such as auto-sits and touches. She will surely bring joy to any home she goes to!

Here’s what a good samaritan, who found Parker and brought her into the shelter, had to say about her:
“I could go on and on about how Parker turned my world upside down for a day, but just go to the SPCA and meet her. She’ll change your life. She is such a magical, goofy character who wants to be out in the world and explore and learn and rest her head on your stomach as you fall asleep.”

I’m a curious pup who is ready to explore what the world has to offer. I might chew or eat weird things as I learn what to do instead, so I’ll be counting on you to teach me through patience and puppy love. I’m looking for adopters who will commit to continuing my puppy education and socialization. I can’t wait to meet you!

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Dashing delightful Dexter is estimated to be about a 1 year old Shepherd mix who arrived to our shelter from Fresno, CA. He can be very excitable and is learning to enjoy calm outings and interactions. He just can’t help himself-he can’t get enough of people! He loves affection, treats, and playing with toys of all shapes and sizes. Whoever decides to make Dexter a part of their family forever will surely not have a boring day ever again.

Gather ’round, dear friends, for the enchanting tale of BJ, the brave brown tabby hailing from the magical land of Salinas! Our heartwarming hero, BJ, has recently ventured into the SF SPCA, taking his first steps in a brand new world. Though he may appear bashful at first, don’t let his demure demeanor deceive you. This tender-hearted tabby is a master of merriment, turning even the most mundane of items into a playground of boundless delight! BJ’s loving foster mother has regaled us with tales of his golden heart and impish charm, ensuring that life with BJ is never short of laughter and joy. If you seek a whiskered companion to fill your days with enchantment, warmth, and boundless amusement, the captivating story of BJ is just waiting to be written with you.

Shyloh is shy no more! Sweet, lady Shyloh is a volunteer favorite for her earnest eyes, impeccable (occasionally) fetch skills, and eagerness to keep up with her human pals. Arriving from Fresno was a bit of an adjustment but with time, treats and tender loving care this lady may be your next picnic or Farmer’s Market friend. She will do best with a lower dog traffic area where she can focus more on hanging out with you! Perky ears and a penchant for sniffing out a good snack mean that she could be a great training team for some lucky adopter! Come on down to the Adoption Center today!

Tucker is a beautiful 7 month old boy who’s looking for adopters to explore the world slowly with him. While he’s very friendly and great on walks with our volunteers, he may take a beat to warm up at first. We have nice and slow visits with this sweet guy to let him dictate how much interaction he would like. Once he’s feeling safe with you, his tail gets wagging and loves giving and receiving affection. Come meet Tucker today!

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