SF SPCA Alumni Profile: Obama

When kitten Obama arrived at our shelter, she was four weeks old and weighed less than a pound. This teeny, tiny baby was extremely underweight and suffering from severe eye disease. Her initial prognosis was not good, but we knew that we would do everything possible to help her.

Obama received the royal treatment from our Shelter Medicine team with a concoction of medicine, warm compresses, and most importantly… TLC! Through it all Obama was in good spirits, enjoying naps on her warming disc and purring during syringe feedings.

Day-by-day this little lady started feeling and looking much better. Soon, Obama was ready to leave the hospital and graduate into a foster home, where she could continue to receive medical care and gain weight.

In her foster home, Obama’s true personality started to shine through. She quickly became friends with Oscar, the resident cat. Her foster mom said, “Obama surprised us by chasing after Oscar, who is easily two times her size! I even made her a little cardboard tunnel and she used it as her fortress while her and Oscar poked at each other.”

After three weeks in her foster home, Obama was finally healthy enough to return to the shelter and start looking for her forever home. It didn’t take long for this sweet girl to meet her match, she only spent three days on the adoption floor! We’re thrilled to share that she’s now happy, healthy, and living her best life.

At the SF SPCA, we see many homeless animals who need similar levels of care before they find their forever home. Obama’s before and after photos are just one example of the dramatic transformations animals undergo at the SF SPCA every day. Please donate today to help make these transformations possible!

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