Pet Food Bank Update: More Than 1,000 Families Receive Assistance!

San Francisco pet guardians are facing unprecedented hardships due to COVID-19, and the Latinx community in the Mission has been disproportionately impacted. In our October eNews we told you about our new pet food bank partnership with Mission Food Hub, a food bank started by the Latino Task Force to help families affected by COVID-19.

Last summer we contacted Mission Food Hub and offered to provide Purina cat and dog food to families using the food bank. Our goal is to reduce the number of San Francisco pets who become homeless or get relinquished to shelters due to the pandemic.

The pet food bank has been a huge success — since launching in August, we’ve distributed more than 1,000 bags of cat and dog food! Thanks to your generous help, as the COVID-19 crisis has worsened, we’ve been able to increase our assistance to families in need. In August we distributed 174 bags of pet food, and in November we distributed 348. These services have helped hundreds of families during the pandemic.

According to an organizer of the pet food bank, recipients are “very appreciative and many express how feeding their pets lifts a great burden in their daily lives.”

We need your support to make lifesaving programs like the pet food bank a reality. Donate today and double your impact  — donations will be matched through December 31!

It is because of your generosity that we can offer this kind of support to keep pets with their families, even in times of crisis. Thank you!!

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