Healthy Pet Tips for the New Year

2024 is right around the corner and it’s a great time to prepare your pet for a happy and healthy new year. From dental cleanings to flea control and vaccine reminders, here’s some tips to get your pet ready to take on the new year. 

Prevent the Pests 

  • Restock your flea and tick medications. If you don’t have a few months’ supply on hand, you can order directly from our online pharmacy!
  • Talk to your vet about heartworm protection, which may be administered during your annual exam appointment.
  • Groom your dog or cat regularly to keep their coat looking pristine and to allow you to better scan their fur and skin for external parasites.
  • Be wary of off-beaten trails. Try your best to avoid outdoor areas that have dense vegetation/weeds as these areas are known to harbor ticks.

Keep Fangs Fresh

Schedule regular teeth cleanings with your veterinarian. Maintaining pets’ dental health can add years to their life.

Vaccines and Boosters

Our furry friends require core vaccines for optimal health. Click to learn more about Core Vaccines for Cats or Core Vaccines for Dogs

We want ultimate health and wellness for your pets this year—and every year! Happy New Year!

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