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Bringing Your New Cat Home

Whether you already have a cat or dog at home or not, learn step by step the best ways to introduce a new cat to your home.

Carrier Introduction

Making your cat feel comfortable in a carrier will make travel and trips to the vet much easier.  Learn how to introduce your cat to a carrier with this step by step guide.

Cats and Kids

Learn how to encourage proper interaction and play between cats and kids.

Claw Clipping

Clipping your cat’s claws helps keep the claws in good shape.  Learn the proper way to trim your cat’s claws and some tips to make it easier for both of you.  The SF SPCA also offers a Cat Claw Clipping Clinic to trim your cat’s claws for you.  Call 415-554-3030 for more information.

Common Household Poisons

Keep your cat safe by learning what household items and plants are poisonous to cats.


Delcawing your cat is a painful and needless operation.  Learn ways to curb your cat’s behavior and about alternatives to declawing your cat.

Eye Contact Command

Teaching your cat to make eye contact with you on command is not hard to do and it can be very useful. An eye contact command can be used to attain and keep your cat’s attention in situations that may cause fear or anxiety.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Learn ways to make the indoors enriching for your cat and ways to make the outdoors safe for your cat should you choose to let her outside.

Introducing Cats

Bringing a new cat into your home when you already have a cat can be stressful.  Learn how to introduce the cats properly to encourage relationship building and harmony in your home.

Introducing Dogs and Cats

Learn what to look for in a cat-friendly dog before adopting and ways to safely bring a dog into your home.

Leash Training

Learn how to successfully train your cat to walk on a leash.

Mental Enrichment

Cats are complex creatures.  Learn how to provide mental enrichment to satisfy your cat’s predatory drive, increase physical fitness, and to encourage your cat to play appropriately.

Moving with Your Cat

Moving is stressful, especially if you have pets.  Learn how to make your move successful and how to get your cat settled in your new space.

Playing with Your Cat

Learn how to play appropriately with your cat to provide enrichment and encourage proper play.

Recommended Cat Reading

This list of ten books offers a survey of some of the most informative literature on cat behavior and biology, and how to make a happy home with your feline.

Scratching Posts

Scratching is a natural way for cats to shed their claws and mark their territory.  To save your furniture from damage, provide your cat with a scratching post or two and teach him how to use it.