What's Wrong With The Prong?

The San Francisco SPCA's Guide for Going Prong-Free

Alternatives to Prong, Choke and Shock Collars

Type of Walking EquipmentDetails

Flat or rolled collar

Flat Collar

  • Used to attach identifications, license, rabies tags for ID purposes
  • Humane

Martingale-type Collar

Martingale Collar

  • Good for dogs with narrow heads who can slip out of collars
  • Adjustable so that it cannot strangle a dog
  • Humane

Head Halter

Head Halter

  • Good for training loose-leash walking by redirecting dogs’ attention towards their humans
  • Humane

Front-clip harness

Front-clip Harness

  • Good for loose-leash training
  • Dogs don’t require acclimation to the harness
  • Can be used with all dogs including snub nose breeds, tiny dogs, and dogs with airway medical issues
  • Redirects dog’s attention by turning his body instead of applying pressure on neck
  • Humane

Back-clip harness

Back-Clip Harness

  • Good for dogs with airway-related medical issues
  • Humane


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