Sports Classes

Challenge your dog mentally and physically with agility, rally, doggy freestyle or K9 Nose Work®.


Introduction to K-9 Nose Work

Marvel in and learn to work with the extraordinary power of the canine nose! This class provides an outlet for the natural hunting and scenting abilities of all dogs, whether puppies or adults.

K-9 Nose Work Mini Fun Class

Want to learn more about K-9 Nose Work before committing to a six-week course? The three-week mini class gives participants a taste of this fun scenting activity and sport.

Introduction to Odor

This class advances the dog's scent discrimination skills taught in the Introduction to K9 Nose Work class. Dogs are taught to identify the first target odor of the sport: Birch, a natural essential oil.

Continuing Nose Work

This class is appropriate for handlers who just completed Introduction to Odor, as well as those who have been working on Birch for some time.

Advanced Topics in K9 Nose Work

For more experienced handlers and dogs. Dogs should be on three target odors. The class is geared towards tactics, strategies and more advanced searches.


Rally 1

Rally is a fun, fast-paced sport for dogs and their handlers. Practice basic manners and obedience while learning how to navigate a rally obedience course.

Rally 2

American Kennel Club Rally 2 is for those who have successfully completed Rally 1. Teams practice fine tuning the skills learned in Rally 1 and  learn AKC advanced and excellent signs.

Rally 3

For students and dogs that have successfully completed Rally 1 and Rally 2. Teams will fine tuning previously learned skills and practice novice, advanced and excellent level courses. This class requires your dog to have a strong basic obedience foundation. 


Introduction to Agility

For anyone who wants to try a fun hobby with their dog. This fun and fast growing dog sport invites handlers to teach their dogs to negotiate an obstacle course of tunnels, a variety of jumps, climbing and more!

Advanced Agility

Now that you and your dog have the basics of agility, continue to challenge yourselves! In this course, you begin sequencing obstacles and continue to work on increasing dog and handler proficiency.

Sports Sampler

Not sure whether you and your dog would prefer Rally or Agility? Try both in our new Sports Sampler class!

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