Does your dog come when you call?

This is a fun 4-week class especially for recall! You and your dog will learn the 5 rules of recall, add distance and distractions to increase the challenge, and improve your team’s reliability at this very important skill. Establishing a strong recall is one of the most important things for dog guardians to work on. In this fun and fast-paced class, you'll learn how to make your dog excited to come when you call, and work on proofing your recall in a variety of situations.

Frequency & Duration: 1 hour per week for 4 weeks

Fee: $150 (If your dog was adopted from a 501(c)3 shelter or rescue group, or has taken a class with us in the past year, the fee is $125)

Course prerequisites: Successful completion of a Beginner-level training course. Dogs must be over 5 months of age, and able to work safely around other dogs and humans on and off-leash, including staying focused on their handlers in the presence of other dogs moving and running. 

Location: 243 Alabama Street

Class includes: Homework and Certificate of Completion

Class capacity: 6 dogs


Upcoming classes:

  • Saturdays, June 23 - July 21 (skips June 30), 3:15 - 4:15 pm with Alisha: Sorry, section and wait list are full.
  • Fridays, July 13 - August 3, 7:45 - 8:45 pm with Alisha: Sorry, section and wait list are full.
  • Thursdays, July 19 - August 9, 1:30 - 2:30 pm with Kimberlee: Sorry, section and wait list are full.


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