Introduction to Agility

The sport of Agility invites a handler to teach their dog to negotiate an obstacle course of tunnels, a variety of jumps, climbing and more! The SF SCPA's Introduction to Agility class strengthens the bond between dog and handler, introduces the skills necessary for competitive Agility, and provides fun and exercise for both dogs and humans.  This class sets a foundation that is intended to be built upon through a progression of classes, starting with Introduction to Agility and moving on to Agility 2 and Advanced Agility.  

This course introduces dogs to agility obstacles in such a way that they can accomplish them (at their own level), and then builds on that success with gradually increasing challenges.

Frequency & Duration: 75 minutes per week for 6 weeks

Fee: $200 per dog (If your dog was adopted from a 501(c)3 rescue group or shelter, or has taken a class with us in the past year, the fee is $180)

Course prerequisites: Successful completion of a basic or intermediate-level training course, or a similar class with another organization. Dogs must be at least one year of age. Dogs must be able to be safely handled by a stranger, able to be off-leash around other dogs with no aggressive barking, growling, or reactive behavior, and be well socialized to dogs and people. Must have a solid stay and recall and the ability to be tethered or crated.  This class will not be a great fit for very shy or fearful dogs, or for dogs with orthopedic limitations or fewer than four legs.

Location: SF SPCA Mission Campus Multi-Purpose Room, 243 Alabama Street

Class includes: Certificate of Completion

Class capacity: 8 dogs


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