Behavior Library - Dog Behavior Resources

Dog-Dog Aggression On Leash

Learn why dogs are aggressive to other dogs while on leash and how to address this behavior.

Dog-Dog Introductions

Learn how to properly introduce a new dog to your home and resident dog(s).

Excitement and Fear Urination during Greeting

Learn ways to address excitement and fear urination by your dog during greetings.

Fearful Behavior

Learn how to recognize fearful behavior from your dog and address it.


Learn what causes fleas, how to prevent them including proper ways to treat your pet, and how to remove them if you have an infestation in your home.

Food and Resource Guarding

Learn what food and resource guarding is and how to address it.

Handling Your Puppy

Teaching your puppy to enjoy being handled is essential to a happy, safe, and convenient life with her now and as she grows. Think of all the situations where you need her to relax and accept handling: Veterinarian exams, grooming, removing a tick or burr, brushing her teeth, cleaning her ears, clipping her nails, lifting her into a car or travel crate, etc.

Head Halter Exercises

Teaching your dog to love his head halter makes your walks much more enjoyable for you and your dog. It’s well worth a little work at the outset to avoid having your dog stop many times during a walk to paw at his halter.

Head Halters and Harnesses

Using an anti-pull device like a head halter or front-buckle harness is a great way to prevent your dog from pulling on leash in a humane and natural way, as well as a way to better control larger or stronger dongs regardless of your own size and strength.


Learn about the various types of house-soiling and how to address them.  See also House-Training Your Puppy, House-Training Your Dog, and Crate Training Your Dog, Marking, Submissive and Excitement Urination, and Separation-Related Problems handouts for more information.

House-Training a Puppy

Learn how to house-train your puppy.  See also Crate Training Your Dog handouts for more information.

House-Training Adult Dog

Learn how to house-train your dog.  See also Crate Training Your Dog handout for more information.

Independence Training

Learn how to train your puppy or dog to be more independent when left alone.  See also KONG Stuffing handout for more information.


Learn why dogs jump and how to teach yours not to jump.

Keeping Small Dogs Safe

Small dogs have different challenges than larger dogs.  Learn how to keep your small dog safe.

Kids and Dogs

Learn how to bring a dog into your family.