Shelter Policy and Legal Services (Shelter PALS) establishes a new area of law and policy to empower California shelters with legal support and education to bring compassionate care to companion animals.

The current state of shelter law and policy is insufficient to address important companion animal welfare issues in California.

The SF SPCA Shelter Policy and Legal Services (Shelter PALS) provides legal and policy aid to California shelters through collaborative efforts of in-house and pro-bono attorneys and other experts.

While we are currently working with a handful of shelters across the state, we aim to roll this effort out statewide.  We are currently accepting donations to extend this life saving legal effort.

Shelter PALS is the country’s first and only legal aid organization dedicated exclusively to the needs of animal shelters. 

Shelter PALS leverages the expertise of the best minds in animal welfare, and channels significant legal aid to animal shelters. We champion policy change and counsel shelter clients to reduce imbalances of expertise and resources that result in poor outcomes for animals.

We believe it’s possible for every animal shelter to get access to quality legal help. Join us as Shelter PALS improves the lives of animals in California and creates a roadmap for change nationwide.

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Meet the team

Brandy Kuentzel
General Counsel

Lindsay Tang Associate General Counsel

Bruce Wagman

Jon Lovvorn

Jennifer Fearing

Shelter PALS Advocacy Wins

Legislative Win on Prescription Extension Waivers

Prescription refills associated with a veterinary-client-patient-relationship (“VCPR”) are normally valid for only twelve months after an animal patient is last seen in-person by a veterinarian.

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