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II love this dog so much, he’s truly my son. He’ll be two in August. I got him from a shelter in Alaska last November, as I thought I’d be traveling around in a van, hiking everyday, and I wanted an adventure buddy. Alas, I ended up losing most of my savings trying to get the both of us out of Alaska in a lemon car, and wasn’t able to get the van. That’s a long story but none of the financial issues would really matter if I wasn’t having such a hard time handling his behavioral problems. I lost the security deposit on my house in San Francisco because of his destruction. I can’t leave him alone lest I want more damage, or calls to the cops from neighbors because of his barking and crying when he’s left alone, so working is seemingly impossible. I’m 20, and I cherish the responsibility that I took on when I adopted Winnie. I believe that I’ve given him a really good life, and taken him on so many adventures since we’ve been together. I’ve decided on going to college in the fall, and I can’t afford to be evicted mid-year because of the inevitable damage that he’ll do in our house/yard while I’m in class or at work. He definitely has anxiety/separation issues, and also tends to lunge at people and other dogs when on the leash. He’s not the best at recall, but I completely trust him off-leash at the park. He does his own thing and then comes back when he wants. He’s such a happy baby, and he needs to run a lot. He also loves to cuddle, but doesn’t like when you kiss the side of his face (too close to the mouth). He can be nippy when playing and gets a little mad if you try to disengage. That’s another behavior that I’m struggling to handle. I would trust him in a home with kids, but not too little as he does have a super roughhousing play style. I wish I could afford professional training, because I wouldn’t be surrendering him if I could. I took him to one PetCo training session, but it honestly wasn’t very helpful, and we couldn’t address the biggest issues at hand, which is the lunging and the destruction.

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Facts About Me
Age 2 y
Gender Male
Breed Greyhound Mix (suspected)
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