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We sadly have to re-home Sam due to a member of the family having allergies but also a cross-country move. We are sad to do so as she is such a wonderful cat! She loves to be with her people, lounge in the sun, play with her toys and get a lot of cuddles. Sam is an overall very easy cat to care for. She is litter box trained and has never had an accident. She is an only cat as she does not do well with other cats, dogs are unknown. She needs to be an indoor cat as she is missing one leg. But only having three legs doesn’t slow her down at all, she still loves to chase after her laser pointer and can jump up onto the couch. Sam makes us smile and laugh every day, she is very entertaining and loves to be the center of attention. Sam is the most affectionate and loving cat I have ever met! She mostly wants to be around her person and will follow you like a loveable shadow. We are sad we need to say goodbye to her but are hopeful she will find a home that will love her forever.

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Phone: (843) 801-7299

Facts About Me
Age 3 y
Gender Female
Breed Tabby
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