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Tyson is an adventure dog, he loves the beach, hiking, swimming, the river, and loves to go on bike rides. We’ve turned him into a van-life dog, and the van is a safe place for him. He can be left for up to 8 hours alone in the house or van, he’ll bark at the beginning as he really wants to come with you, but then he’ll just chill. Around the house he mostly chills during the working days, but he does like to play with his toys and to be chased around the house through the day.

Tyson was not big into pets at the beginning, but now he enjoys being pet and being close to you. That said, Tyson still has some traumas from his life before us. He has resource guarding issues, and reactivity issues. He’s bitten my partner and I a couple of times when he was in certain stressful situations, but he’s only drawn blood once. We’ve gotten advice from trainers that he would be most successful with someone with experience with reactive dogs. Think of him as a project dog who also brings you joy and can go on adventures right away!

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Email: julihc10@gmail.com
Phone: (805) 895-4204

Facts About Me
Age 1 y
Gender Male
Breed German shepherd/pit bull mix
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