Queen Kimberly

My Story

This perfect posing Queen is Kimberly, and while she is a stunner (and she knows it) she also has a sweet and vulnerable side too that loves any and all affectionate petting or idle chit-chat you want to offer. As such a conversationalist with people she can really chat up a room and break the ice with anyone new, including you! So, brush off those nerves and get ready to be persuaded by her soft meows and head rubbing and wait for the purring to commence. Queen Kimberly came over with her litter of kittens (an even half dozen) from Kings County in October, and while a very sweet momma she is ready to star all on her own. Are you ready for a new leading lady in your life? Come on down to the Mission Adoption Center, today.

Facts About Me
Age 2 y; 1 m
Weight 6 lbs; 9 oz
Gender Female
Breed Domestic Shorthair Mix
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