My Story

Professor? Explorer? He’s both! Meet Indy from Fresno, CA. While Indy might seem buttoned up on the outside, there’s a sweet and silly side to this guy. He loves going on walks where he can avoid other dogs, and he’s learning cues like 180-turns when there’s a surprise pup ahead. He’s smart (he is a professor after all) and knows sit and touch! Indy is ready to embark on his next adventure with a forever family!

Here’s what Volunteer, Quang says about Indy:
“He enjoys his walks and being outdoors. When not agitated by dog sightings, Indy walks beside me without pulling much. He likes to bury his poop so if you’re in a dirt area, watch out for flying dust or poop.”

Facts About Me
Age 4 y; 4 m
Weight 68 lbs; 4 oz
Gender Male
Breed Mix Shepherd
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