My Story

Cowboy is ready to ride into the sunset with a new pardner! A gentle giant, Cowboy loves to give hugs as soon as he meets you; he’s learning, though, that sitting is more effective for getting attention and treats. When Cowboy was a young pup, he didn’t get outside much and had no leash training. Here he has thrived with trips outside and about town. He’s great walking on leash now and will only sometimes pull and vocalize at dogs who get too close. Cowboy is easily distracted with happy talk and yummy, high-value treats. Cowboy loves toys and chasing water from the hose. He is tall enough to take amazingly, great photos standing next to his favorite folks. While Cowboy may resemble a horse, he’s really just a big, ole, sweetheart!

Facts About Me
Age 2 y; 11 m
Weight 103 lbs; 9 oz
Gender Male
Breed Great Dane Terrier, Pit Bull
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