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Advocates Rally in Support of Legislation to Improve Lives of California Animals

SF SPCA Receives Grant to Support Keeping Families and Pets Together

Bill to Create Veterinary Public Interest Debt Relief Program

SF SPCA Partners with SFMOMA for Pet Portraits

SF SPCA Announces Inaugural Awards Program

Statewide Veterinarian Shortage

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Sacramento Bee
Animal Advocacy Day

Many pet owners can attest to how difficult it can be to get their pet to the vet. In remote and rural parts of the state, that difficulty can be insurmountable for some.

Animal Advocates Rally in Sacramento

People gathered in Sacramento on Tuesday in support of Animal Advocacy Day. It is an opportunity for animal advocates to support bills that improve the lives of California’s most vulnerable animals.

PetMD by Chewy
Fear Aggression in Dogs

Dr. Wailani Sung, director of behavior and welfare programs at the San Francisco SPCA, explains what fear aggression is and how to recognize it and deal with it in order to help these often misunderstood dogs.

SF Examiner                                                                                                                   Hit Netflix Documentary Features Brilliant SF Cat Behaviorist

Dr. Wailani Sung, director of behavior and welfare programs at the San Francisco SPCA, is the subject of a kid-friendly Netflix documentary, “Inside the Mind of a Cat,” which recently made it into the streaming service’s Top 10.

The Atlantic
Purring Is a Love Language No Human Can Speak

A purr is warm tea, a roaring fire, and fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies, all rolled into a fleece-lined hug; it is the auditory salve of a babbling brook; it is coffee brewing at dawn. It is emotional gratification incarnate—a sign that “we’ve made our pets happy,” which just feels darn good, says Wailani Sung, a veterinary behaviorist at the San Francisco SPCA.

SF Chronicle
Good news for pet owners: This S.F. neighborhood is no longer a ‘vet desert,’ as a new clinic opens

A community veterinary clinic that provides low-cost services to residents of San Francisco’s southeast neighborhoods has opened its doors in the Excelsior district. The new clinic is part of ongoing efforts at the San Francisco SPCA to fill a void of veterinary care in SF neighborhoods by providing low-cost services to underserved pet owners and their animals.

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