Advanced Care


Our highly trained surgery staff performs thousands of routine and complex procedures every year—using the latest techniques to support optimum recovery. Surgeries are scheduled after an initial consultation and exam with a veterinarian at  our Mission Campus veterinary hospital, even if your pet has been diagnosed at another facility.

Dental Care

Dogs and cats need regular dental care. It’s critical for their long-term health. Even with consistent brushing to remove plaque, which we highly recommend, dogs and cats periodically require more rigorous cleaning or procedures to treat periodontal disease, fractured teeth, or oral masses. Dental procedures always take place under general anesthesia. For the comfort of your pet, we employ the most current pain-control protocols before, during, and after the procedure.

To schedule a procedure, we require an initial examination to assess your pet’s needs and provide a cost estimate.

Sophisticated Diagnostics

The field of animal diagnostics is rapidly improving. Likewise our hospitals are constantly expanding their diagnostic capabilities. We currently offer:

  • General and dental digital radiology: radiographs are reviewed by a board-certified radiologists
  • Ultrasound: we have several ultrasound units, depending on the needs of the patient
  • Full in-house diagnostic laboratories
  • Vimago High Definition Volumetric Imaging System

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