Counter Surfing

Why Dogs “Surf” Counters Dogs counter surf because there might be food, of course. Crumbs, crusts, fruit bowls, meat defrosting or marinating, a breadbox—you never know what you might find. […]

Chewing in Dogs

Why Dogs Chew Some reasons dogs chew: because it feels good, anxiety, attention-seeking, barrier frustration/escape behavior, pent-up energy, and hunger. Note: Always rule out hunger first. Ask your vet about […]

Dog-Dog Aggression Off Leash

Why Dogs Are Aggressive toward Other Dogs Some aggression may be a normal, adaptive behavior in virtually all animal species and domestic dogs are no exception. Luckily, there are a […]

Dog-Dog Aggression On Leash (Reactivity)

Why Dogs Bark and Lunge on Leash Does your dog whine, bark, growl, or lunge when they see another dog while they’re on their leash? This unpleasant but common behavioral […]

Separation Related Problems

Dogs generally don’t enjoy alone time. They are highly social animals, genetically programmed to be in a pack with other individuals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dogs […]


Why Dogs Beg Dogs beg because it is a clever strategy for getting tasty scraps, and it works! Like all scavengers, dogs are hardwired to seize any opportunity to get […]


Why Dogs Bark Dogs bark for a variety of reasons, and it is a form of normal communication: Alert barking springs from territoriality, barrier frustration, or a combination of the […]